Welcome to The Garden Café at Crazy Daisies!

The Garden Café is open weekends serving cooked to order breakfast sandwiches featuring eggs, meats and biscuits all fresh from our farm and kitchen. We proudly serve Salt City Coffee and offer an assortment of homemade fresh baked goods. You can also choose from a variety of products like Pastabilities’ stretch bread and spicy tomato oil, local honeys, flavored oils, etc. The Garden Café is available for hosting private parties and providing food for offsite events, see more details below or call us to reserve a date!


Event Venue

Are you having a small event and would like a rustic but elegant venue? Let The Garden Café at Crazy Daisies be your go to destination! We can seat up to 30 people inside and have a wonderful variety of fresh and creative food options, please come and enjoy!

View our On-site Party Planning Menu here to see pricing and special menu options that are available only when you host your party at The Garden Café!

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Off-site Events Menu

The below pricing is for off-site events, we can customize our on-site parties with any of these menu options (see our On-site Party Planning Menu for additional menu options and applicable pricing and fees). For off-site events we offer full service, food drop off or pick up. All per person pricing is based on a single serving per person.

Thinking BBQ Style? We’re known for our delicious BBQ menu!

Full Meal Price Options (off-site event pricing, see item descriptions below):
1 BBQ entrée, 2 BBQ Sides & Roll $9.99/person*
1 BBQ entrée, 1 BBQ Side & 1 Party Side & roll $10.99/person*
1 BBQ entrée, 2 Party Sides & Roll $11.99/person*

Mix and Match Options (off-site event pricing):
You may pick and choose exactly what items you would like, pricing for Mix and Match is listed next to each menu item. There is a 32 bird minimum on BBQ chicken and a 10 person minimum for all other items.

BBQ Entrees
1/2 Chicken (32 bird minimum, one week notice please) $10 per bird*
Pulled Pork (10 person minimum, 2 day notice please) see “By the Pan” below

BBQ Sides
Salt potatoes | Baked beans | Tossed salad | Macaroni salad
Potato salad | Pasta salad | Garlic Smashed potatoes | Coleslaw

Party Sides
Macaroni & Cheese | Ziti | Scalloped Potatoes | Chili

By the Pan
Pulled Pork $9.99/lb. (One lb. feeds 3-4 people)
Meatballs & Sauce $25*
Sausage, Sweet or Hot – Ours $30* or Gianelli $35*
Mixed Veggie $25*
Potatoes, Roasted or Mashed $25*
Lasagna, Meat or Veggie $30*
Mixed Green Salad $23*
Ziti, with meat sauce $30* or without meat $25*

Dutch Apple $15* | Chocolate $16* | Pumpkin $12* | Pecan $17* | Triple Berry $17* | Pumpkin roll $12*

Cookies by the Dozen $13.99/dozen*
Sugar Cut Outs | Rasberry Thumbprints | Peanut Butter Blossoms
Snickerdoodles | Molasses | Chocolate Chip | Oatmeal Raisin | Lemon Cookie

Let us help with your Holidays! We offer pies and special sides for the holidays:

For Thanksgiving 2018, order by Monday, Nov 19th and pickup Wednesday, Nov 21st.
All pricing is based on a single serving per person:
Garlic mashed potatoes (potatoes, cream, butter, garlic, spices) $2/person
Squash $2/person*
Pork sausage stuffing (artisan bread cubes, homemade broth, our own sausage, onions, celery, spices) $3/person*
Cranberry chutney (cranberries, apples, oranges, ginger, spices) $3/person*
Corn casserole $3/person*
Green bean casserole $4/person* (fresh green beans, cream, mushrooms, hand made crunchy onion topping, spices)
Sweet Potatoes with honey $2/person*

*Plus Tax

We’d Love to hear from you…

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