Small Event Venue

Are you having a small event and would like to find a rustic, elegant venue ??  Let Crazy Daisies be your go to destination!  Seating up to 35 people, let us do the work.   Choose a menu and we can set it up to suit your style.













Party Menu

Commonly referred to as Catering
You can pick your order up here, or e offer drop off, full service and even offer our barn as a space for small gatherings, for an additional fee.


Let us help with your Holidays! Thanksgiving Side Specials:

Garlic mashed potatoes (potatoes, cream, butter, garlic, spices) $2/person (single serving)
Squash $2/person (single serving)
Pork sausage stuffing (artisan bread cubes, homemade broth, our own sausage, onions, celery, spices) $3/person (single serving)
Cranberry chutney (cranberries, apples, oranges, ginger, spices) $3/person (single serving)
Corn casserole $3/person (single serving)
Green bean casserole $4/person (fresh green beans, cream, mushrooms, hand made crunchy onion topping, spices) (single serving)
Sweet Potatoes with honey $2/person(single serving)


Thinking BBQ Style?  We're known for our delicious BBQ menu:

1/2 Chicken (32 minimum, one week notice please) or Pulled Pork (10 minimum, 2 day notice please)
2 BBQ Sides & Roll $9.99/person*  |  1 BBQ Side & 1 Party Side & roll $10.99/person* |  2 Party Sides & Roll $11.99/person*
Chicken Only $10 a Bird* (32 bird minimum)

BBQ Sides

Salt potatoes | Baked beans | Tossed salad | Macaroni salad
Potato salad | Pasta salad | Garlic Smashed potatoes | Coleslaw
$2/person* (single serving)

Mix and Match Menu for All Occasions:

Party Sides

Macaroni & Cheese | Ziti | Scalloped Potatoes | Chili
$3/person* (single serving)

By the Pan

Pulled Pork $9.99/lb. (One lb. feeds 3-4 people)
Meatballs & Sauce $25*
Sausage, Sweet or Hot $30 Ours*/$35 Gianelli*
Mixed Veggie $25*
Potatoes, Roasted or Mashed $25*
Lasagna, Meat or Veggie $30*
Mixed Green Salad $23*
Ziti, with meat sauce $30*/without meat $25*


Apple $14* |  Pumpkin $12* |  Pecan $15* |  Pumpkin roll $11*

Cookies by the Dozen $12.99/dozen*

Sugar Cut Outs | Rasberry Thumbprints | Peanut Butter Blossoms
Snickerdoodles | Molasses | Chocolate Chip | Oatmeal Raisin | Lemon Cookie

*Plus Tax

We'd Love to hear from you...

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