Summer Hours ~ Summer Menu

Our Kitchen will be open during normal business hours. ¬†For the most part food is Grab & Go, but casual seating is available if you'd like to stay and enjoy¬†ūüôā

The menu below is a sampling of what you may find.  By now you know how CRAZY we are!!   Our Kitchen is definitely one of our biggest plunges yet, and we are setting out to see what works.  Please be easy with us as we learn that together.

Our goal, whenever possible is to use the freshest, most local ingredients for our menu.  We want to use in season produce and herbs in our cooking & baking while available.  If there is something you think would be great for us to offer, do let us know.  You know Jenn, she'll try anything at least once!

Kitchen Open During Normal Business Hours

On the Menu:

Most days are Chef's choice!
Baked goods served primarily on the weekends, but you may find something sweet during the week too.

Friday you will find:

Specialty  Individual Pizza w/toppings $6.50 | cheese $5

You may find:

Spinach and goat cheese with garlic sauce
BBQ Chicken & onion with arriabata sauce (Hot!)
Sausage & Pepperoni

 *Kitchen will be closed August 1 - August 18.

Party Menu

Commonly referred to as Catering

1/2 Chicken (32 minimum, one week notice please) or Pulled Pork (10 minimum, 2 day notice please)
2 BBQ Sides & Roll $9.99/person*  |  1 BBQ Side & 1 Party Side & roll $10.99/person* |  2 Party Sides & Roll $11.99/person*
Chicken Only $10 a Bird* (32 bird minimum)

BBQ Sides

Salt potatoes | Baked beans | Tossed salad | Macaroni salad
Potato salad | Pasta salad | Garlic Smashed potatoes | Coleslaw
$2/person* (single serving)

Party Sides

Macaroni & Cheese | Ziti | Scalloped Potatoes | Chili
$3/person* (single serving)

By the Pan

Pulled Pork $9.99/lb. (One lb. feeds 3-4 people)
Meatballs & Sauce $25*
Sausage, Sweet or Hot $30 Ours*/$35 Gianelli*
Mixed Veggie $25*
Potatoes, Roasted or Mashed $25*
Lasagna, Meat or Veggie $30*
Mixed Green Salad $23*
Ziti, with meat sauce $30*/without meat $25*


Apple $14* |  Pumpkin $12* |  Pecan $15* |  Pumpkin roll $11*

Cookies by the Dozen $12.99/dozen*

Sugar Cut Outs | Rasberry Thumbprints | Peanut Butter Blossoms
Snickerdoodles | Molasses | Chocolate Chip | Oatmeal Raisin | Lemon Cookie

*Plus Tax

We'd Love to hear from you...

Contact us today to arrange for us to cook & bake for your next gathering!  (315) 498-5525 or