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We are a farm family that works hard & plays hard, starting right here at home.

We have been so blessed to be able to create and expand this business, all while raising our six kids.  Being able to nurture them with real-world business and agricultural experience is priceless.  When you come up, you will see them running around and working hard.  We could not have gotten to where we are today without them, without the support of our friends, and certainly not without you!  And for that, we are 
most grateful.

As our children have grown older, they have become more involved in the success that Crazy Daisies is becoming. Each year we grow larger as a business and closer as a family. Learning the ins and outs of expanding a “greenhouse-turned-cafe” doesn’t come with a Dummies 101 book, but with the 8 of us and some close friends, we have come a long way. 


Meet the Fam:


Glenn & Jennifer

Glenn and Jennifer are the parents to 6 children and grandparents to 3 wee ones. Glenn is a life long dairy farmer on his family farm and is our go to go guy for whatever needs doing. Jennifer is the glue that keeps us all together. She believes in dreaming big and that hard work, with the support of your family will bring you far. Jenniifer loves her family, beautiful flowers & delicious real food!



Harrison Cox, our farm manager with a hot baby momma. He enjoys fixing broken mechanicals, watching movies and hanging with his family in his free time.



Henry Cox, a manager of our greenhouses that also enjoys designing containers and aidingin in coordination of our events. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his baby girl and gardening at home too.



Gwendolyn Cox, manager of the kitchen alongside all her kitchen kiddos. In the winter she happily helps in the greenhouse for some sun. Otherwise you will find her relaxing with her doggo Styles.



Wyatt cox, crazy boy in the kitchen that preps ingredients to be used on the pizza’s and is most likely making your pizza if you end up ordering Some call him the madness of the kitchen others call him the badness, some say he’s a combination of both. He puts the word crazy into Crazy Daisies.



Zinnia Cox, the queen of small plates in our kitchen and the last kiddo of the Cox clan. She is finishing up her senior year of High School and we are excited to see where the future takes her!



Bella is our chaos coordinator, attempting to keep all of our ever growing hopes and dreams orgainzed as best she can. All while wanting to allow some sort of crazniess to remain since we are Crazy Daisies after all. Her favorite time is spent curating our online branding and coordinating our events.



Maryrose is married to Henry and is mom to baby Birdie Luella & doggo Lola. You’ll find her mixing up delicious drinks behind the bar, teaching botanical mixology classes, and painting signs all around the café and greenhouse.


Maggie Rae

Maggie Rae, mama of Haywood, manages the greenhouses as well as organizes and plans the gardens each season. Much of her time is spent seeding down flowers, herbs, and veggies.

We’re Kind of a Big Dill!​

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