Please read the details regarding booking & check out our 2023 Art Vendor Application.



Hello, artists and curators alike!


Wow,  hello 2023! We have big plans ahead for 2023 and we cannot wait for them. This year we will have numerous events in which we will be open to hosting vendors from June through December, that includes our 3 art markets and some other fun events too! We will also always be open to booking pop-ups for a more casual setup.



  • Brewfest – October 7th (10 vendors)
  • Winter Art Market December – 9th (25 vendors)


*Please note*


All bookings will be done over email. We would never contact you outside of there, especially outside of our official Crazy Daisies social media profiles. Additionally, we would never ask for payment over Venmo or any other such way. A link is provided via email or payment is accepted on the day of the event/pop-up is how that goes down. Please be aware of scammers.


Please be professional and respectful in pursuing a vending at Crazy Daisies. Additionally, please note that filling out this form or reaching out to us does not guarantee a booking or a response. We only have so many spaces available at our art markets. Including links to your websites, and social media will be beneficial when choosing artists & vendors to book at our art markets. We get A LOT of applications.


Thank you so much for your interest in sharing your artwork with us and our customers!


-Bella, event coordinator

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What type of vendors are you looking for?

  • vintage goods; housewares, clothing, shoes, furniture, records, collectibles, lighting, etc.
  • original artwork; painters, printmakers, photographers, jewelers, etc.
  • handmade candles and soaps, pots and clay work, woven crafts, wood crafts, original knitted items, original sewn items, etc.
  • designers and graphic artists with original artwork, t-shirts, bags, cards, etc. especially NY-themed items
  • local galleries and boutiques that have a certain focus on NY-made or designed items
  • services or experiences that we feel are relevant to our visitors


What types of vendors are you NOT looking for? We do not accept applications for vendors that sell MLM products, imported ‘faux’ crafts, and designer knock-offs. There are other markets that allow these items.


This show is not for everyone. If you have filled out an application a few times and have not been accepted to a market, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have zero social media or web presence? No website, no Facebook, no Instagram? We use those social media links to get to know you better and promote your business.
  • Do your products LOOK like you made kits from chain craft stores? We are looking for original, creative ideas and so are our shoppers.
  • Is your product part of a direct marketing, home show program? We do not have shopper interest in these categories and only have limited space


The most common reason applicants do not get accepted into our markets is that we have some categories that are CRAZY competitive. If you sell a popular or trendy item, there is a chance we are looking at dozens of applications in your category.