Where The Garden Cafe


05sep5:00 pm7:00 pmCanine & Cocktails

06sep5:00 pm7:00 pmWine Down Wednesdays

12sep5:00 pm7:00 pmCanine & Cocktails

13sep5:00 pm7:00 pmWine Down Wednesdays

19sep5:00 pm7:00 pmCanine & Cocktails

20sep5:00 pm7:00 pmWine Down Wednesdays

26sep5:00 pm7:00 pmCanine & Cocktails

27sep5:00 pm7:00 pmWine Down Wednesdays


06oct6:00 pm8:00 pm🎶 Walking Buddy 🎶

07oct5:00 pm8:00 pm🎶 The Ridge Runners 🎶

08oct11:00 am1:00 pm🎶 Chuck & Heather Duo 🎶

13oct6:00 pm8:00 pm🎶 The Leaps 🎶

21oct5:00 pm8:00 pm🎶 Kid Roscoe 🎶


03nov6:00 pm8:00 pm🎶 Harmonic Dirt 🎶

10nov6:00 pm8:00 pm🎶 Chuck Shiele Quattro 🎶

11nov5:00 pm8:00 pm🎶 Against the Giants 🎶

12nov11:00 am1:00 pm🎶 Mike MacDonald 🎶

18nov5:00 pm8:00 pm🎶 Kid Roscoe 🎶

19nov11:00 am1:00 pm🎶 Chuck & Heather Duo 🎶


03dec11:00 am1:00 pm🎶 Patrick Young 🎶

08dec6:00 pm8:00 pm🎶 The Bitter Creek Band 🎶

09dec11:00 am2:00 pm🎶 McArdell & Westers 🎶

10dec11:00 am1:00 pm🎶 The Sheridans Duo 🎶