Learning is a lifelong journey!
We like to make it crazy fun.

Each Spring we open our greenhouse and invite everyone and anyone to our Greenhouse Workshops.

We have now expanded the breadth of our workshops & partnered with a variety of local artists, businesses & teachers to bring you new & exciting workshops for the entire year!

Art Classes with Right Mind Syracuse


Get into your creative side.


Right Mind Syracuse offers one-session workshops on an endless variety of creative topics right here at Crazy Daisies!  We will have different art workshops happening on the third Tuesday of each month from 5:30 pm – 7:00 PM. You are welcome & encouraged to order food & drinks to enjoy from the Garden Cafe to enjoy during your workshop!


Tickets can be purchased right on the Right Mind Syracuse website.


Date & Time:

Winter Greens Workshops


Winter is nearing…


We are very excited to be offering our Greens Workshops again this year! Join us at one of our workshops or book your own private workshop party! The greens classes we will be offering include wreaths, centerpieces, porch pots, and wreath design. Most classes start out at $40, but we do have upgrades available. Classes will be held in the greenhouses (heat on), but we suggest dressing in layers, having warm shoes, and please bring your own pair of gloves and clippers. 


Tap the class to learn more information & purchase tickets! Contact us today about booking your own private workshop.


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event image for our wreath design workshop at crazy daisies
event image for our centerpiece workshop at crazy daisies
event image for our wreath design workshop at crazy daisies

Got Questions?


Email us at events@crazydaisiesflowers.com with any questions about our workshops!