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Cheese, Please! Crafting a Board That Supports Your Community


Our love of nature doesn’t stop at our greenhouses. The Garden Cafe was dreamt up from our love of creating food with real, fresh ingredients. Each of our signature creations feature ingredients either grown on our property, sourced from a local farm, or from a small business. Our guests come for hand crafted cocktails, crispy flatbreads, and one of our personal favorites – the cheese board.

Representing 5 different farms and small businesses across New York State, our board consists of a variety of three cheeses: blue, cheddar, and goat, and are complemented by seasonal fruits, pistachios, olives, fermented veggies, local honey, dijon mustard, and an assortment of vegetables and crackers.

What Kind of Cheeses Do We Offer?

Our three local cheeses are carefully selected to round out the palette of all types of cheese lovers. Included in our selection is a 4x cheddar supplied by Buttercup Cheese Market in Central Square. Buttercup ages their cheddar cheese for 4 years to create an intense flavor with enhanced texture and complexity, offering a sharper more robust taste characteristic. Our beloved garlic and chive goat cheese from 2 Kids Goat Farm in Truxton perfectly balances tangy and savory flavors. Made from their own goats’ milk, this cheese adds a layer of uniqueness to our board. And no board is complete without a “stinky” blue. Ours hails from Muranda Cheese Co. in Waterloo. Aged for 2 months and made from cow’s milk in the finger lakes, this cheese is sure to sweep your tastebuds off their feet.

What’s on the Rest of the Board:

Our cheeses are perfectly paired with seasonal elements that enhance each other’s flavors. Our fermented veggies come from Cortland’s own Food and Ferments, where they spend months preserving our favorite seasonal produce to ferment. And for a sweet and nuanced element, drizzle honey, supplied by Hiwire Honey in Lafayette, over your board.

The fruits and vegetables included are grown right on Crazy Daisies property in one of our greenhouses. Providing in-house products means we can experiment with different flavors, stay seasonal, and totally eliminate the need for preservatives, making every last bite fresh and delicious.

Savoring the Farm-To-Table Difference at the Garden Cafe

We take pride in delivering a farm-to-table experience that captures the essence of freshness and sustainability. We value bringing you exceptionally delicious food, but also taking care to support our fellow farmers. The next time you stop by the Garden Cafe, do yourself a favor by ordering our guest-favorite cheese board.

~ In Bloom

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